I’ve been training with Mic for about two and a half years. Before coming to Bootcamp, my hobbies were pretty standard and sedentary. I swam a bit, walked a bit and occasionally cycled, nothing too challenging. Then two years ago I saw bootcamp promoted on Facebook and I’ve been coming to Bootcamp ever since. Mic is professional and thoughtful, plans every session carefully and expertly. It’s worked wonders for me, both physically and mentally, I have lost weight, become more toned and I’m definitely much fitter.

My motivation, inspiration and confidence to do all this is a result of training with Mic and his team. Nothing is too much trouble in helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. A key lesson I’ve learned from Mic is that it’s your attitude to fitness that defines not only who you are but the quality of life you are after.

I cannot recommend Michael Beards Fitness enough. Mic and his team are always there to encourage, motivate and support in a friendly, relaxed and comfortable way. My advice is that if you’re unsure or only slightly tempted to give it a go, just do it! You won’t regret it or look back – it’ll become your new addiction.